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Why use CourseForce?

CourseForce is a powerful and cost-effective solution for managing the entire training function.

Finally! An easy-to-use application that lets you track with precision the training programs you deliver.
CourseForce is a cost-effective solution for managing the entire training function. Track and report on re-certifications, Continuing Education Units, pending and completed training by employee (or department/division/enterprise), expenses, employee grades, and a host of other details. Generate reports at the touch of a button, communicate with employees individually or automatically, build and deliver on-line exams, configure multiple job titles per employee, administer surveys, rank your training providers, and more! CourseForce is the program to accomplish your objectives.

Contact us for a demonstration. We’ll show you how CourseForce can help you control your data for optimal training results.

Focus your resources on training – not tracking.

CourseForce is everything you need – for everyone in your company.

We developed CourseForce specifically for Training Administrators and the challenges you face with training compliance - not as a module to be tacked onto another, perhaps more primary application. That’s why it delivers the depth and ease you need to manage your training function. You can group and rank your courses; generate reports at the touch of a button; communicate with employees individually or in groups; build, deliver, and grade on-line exams and surveys; track changeable data like re-certification, training duration, and CEUs; and so much more.

The Need

More and more it is becoming the case that companies need to better track and manage their training requirements. OSHA, WHMIS, ISO and QS9000 are all examples of initiatives placing strong emphasis on employee training. In addition, companies have their own internal training needs to consider and all of this information needs to be managed.

Many HR staff and training administrators alike turn to MS-Excel or have custom databases developed to address this challenge. All too often these systems become cumbersome and inefficient over time as the amount of information increases and training requirements change.

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The CourseForce Method

Our software provides you with all the tools you require to access the information you need and make decisions.

  • Get up-to-date training information at the touch of a button.
  • Notify students of course sessions automatically via email.
  • Tracks training costs simply and easily.
  • Say goodbye to misplaced training files and spreadsheets.

The Advantage

Easy to Use

CourseForce is designed to be powerful yet easy-to-use.


CourseForce is designed to provide your organization with accurate and timely information regarding your training requirements. Your data is available anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection, providing your organisation with real-time information to make informed decisions.


CourseForce Training Tracking Software is a cloud-based application, making it accessible from virtually anywhere. As the training administrator you can set-up as many users as you require and there are no limits to the number of division, department or position assignments you can have. It’s easy to locate training information and the reporting interface makes this information easy to print or to export to Excel.


CourseForce utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information and ensure that your data is safe and secure. Additionally, each user in your organisation requires a company number, user name and password that must be entered at login in order to access the CourseForce system. The password is fully protected and is not stored on the user's computer.

Once a user has successfully logged on to the system that user's access is restricted based on the role that has been assigned to them.

CourseForce is secure and fully protected from unauthorized access by outside intruders.


CourseForce is a cloud-based program for tracking and managing employee training. Your training information resides in a database containing only your data, and you have the option to store training documents on a shared server, a dedicated server or on your own server.

Hosted programs offer compelling benefits. They are cost effective, since you don’t need to worry about server size, scalability, or database licensing fees. They are accessible, since you can tap into your CourseForce data wherever you can access a web browser. Data is accurate, since it is collected in real time. And it’s secure, since we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. As an added protection, CourseForce requires a company number, username, and password for user login.

Benefits of Courseforce

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  • Get control of your data
  • Budget course costs and expenses
  • Notify students of training sessions automatically by email
  • Generate reports showing who requires what training, and when
  • Track re-certifications
  • Auto Notification
  • Track Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Track training duration in hours
  • Offer and score on-line exams and surveys
  • Plan for employee reassignment
  • Email reports and export report data to Excel
  • Rank your training providers
  • Plan for future growth

Want More Information?

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